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The Spa LiftBack PowerLift

$ 1,165.66

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A Visually Stunning Electric-Lift Spa Table with an Adjustable Backrest

Comes with free deluxe accessories.

Product Summary

The exquisite, four-leg-design, electric-lift Spa LiftBack PowerLift massage table will look great in any salon, spa, or practice. It features a ratcheted adjustable backrest and gorgeous cream-colored upholstery that contrasts nicely with its hardwood mahogany-stained legs and frame. The Spa LIftBack PowerLIft includes:

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf

Product Details

You can adjust the Spa LiftBack PowerLift’s height in two different ways.  Like a classic portable or stationary massage table, the Spa LiftBack PowerLift comes with our Double-Lock Leg Adjusters that allow you to manually change the table’s height.  Alternatively, with the help of a high-quality electric actuator, you can simply touch the table’s floor pedal and raise and lower the table above its base in a smooth, fluid motion.  And the combination of the two works just fine!

The Spa LiftBack PowerLift comes with a ratcheted adjustable backrest which provides countless ways to position your clients comfortably.  This table offers superior comfort for your clients by giving them plenty of room with its 30'' width and 73'' length (87'' with headrest) and by providing soft, durable and thick, 3'' padding.  The Spa LiftBack PowerLift also comes with an ergonomic headrest that is specifically shaped to fit the face’s contours and a memory foam face pillow which are designed to fit the face's contours and to keep pressure from building up on any one particular point on the face for the ultimate in client relaxation.

Not to mention, the Spa LiftBack PowerLift massage table is visually stunning.  Its gorgeous mahogany-stained legs and frame contrast beautifully with its elegant cream-colored upholstery making it ideal for an upscale spa or salon.

The Spa LiftBack PowerLift’s legs and frame are constructed from high-quality beech hardwood which ensures professional strength. The table is covered with soft, durable, environmentally friendly, cream-colored PU-Leather upholstery (oil and waterproof).  Its padding consists of 3'' of durable, high-density, small-cell foam which ensures the longevity of your table as well as the comfort of your clients.

Features and Benefits

  • The high-quality electric motor raises and lowers the table with a touch of a pedal providing ease and convenience for you and your clients
  • The Double-Lock Leg Adjusters for height modification provide life-long stability and security of your massage table
  • The ratcheted  adjustable backrest moves up and down effortlessly providing endless ways to position your clients comfortably for a variety of treatments and therapies
  • The luxurious ergonomic headrest with a memory foam face pillow easily conforms your clients’ facial contours
  • The contrast of mahogany-stained legs and frame with cream-colored upholstery is visually stunning
  • The 3'' thick, high-density, small-cell foam ensures the longevity of your table as well as the comfort of your clients
  • The oil and waterproof PU-Leather upholstery is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly
  • The headrest/accessory outlets on both sides of the table provide convenience when positioning your clients

Sizes, Colors, and Design

  • Available Width: 30'' (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color: Cream Upholstery
  • Classic Four-Leg Design Constructed From Beech Hardwood in a Mahogany Stain

Ideal For

  • Pregnant Clients
  • Clients With Limited Mobility
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Resorts

Free Accessories

  • Free Ergonomic Headrest
  • Free Ergonomic Face Pillow with Memory Foam
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
Specifications The Spa LiftBack PowerLift Electric Massage Table
Width 30"
Length 73''
Length with Headrest 87''
Adjustable Heights 21" - 41"
Weight 117 lbs
Static Weight 2,000 lbs
Lifting Capacity 485 lbs
Padding 3'' High-Density, Small-Cell Foam
Upholstery Environmentally and Skin Friendly PU Leather (Oil and Waterproof)
Legs and Frame High-Quality Hardwood (Beech)
System Electric Power Lift System
Ratcheted Adjustable Backrest
  • Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Electric Components Including Motor, Control Box, Cable, and Foot Pedal
  • Ten-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Legs and Frame
    Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Upholstery


Note: *Never have more than one person on top of the massage table.

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