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Pedicure Station w/ Foot Spa and Massage Chair Without Optional Pump, Pedicure Station - Massage Tables For Less, The Salon Product Store

Pedicure Station w/ Foot Spa and Massage Chair

$ 2,499.99

*1-Year Limited Warranty
*Shiatsu Massage System
*Electro-mechanically operated reclining, massaging, and sliding seat with hand held control
*Control LED Color Rotation
*Knobs control the whirlpool
*Foldable Manicure Trays
*Power seat adjustment: back/ forth and recline/incline
*Lift-up armrest for easy access
*Tub LED light changes color on both side

Water Capacity: 4.5 gallons
Weight: 200-300 lbs
Power Source: 115VAC, 60Hz, 15A; Power needed per spa chair = 6 Amp
Plumbing Source:Hot Water 0.5 in. (Fitting Provided)Cold Water 0.5 in. (Fitting Provided), Drain 1.5 in. (See Plumbing Instruction).

Optional Upgrades $100-$200 for Drain Pump. This spa does not come with Drain Pump.
• Power Discharge Drain Pump
The highest quality discharge pump available. This pump will quickly and efficiently drain the tub and requires very little maintenance.

(Note: This pump is only required if you are not draining water directly into an adjacent floor drain.) (Please be specific when ordering)

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