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Cabinet Base Backwash with Flush Mount Sink , Shampoo Stations - The Salon Product Store, The Salon Product Store
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Cabinet Base Backwash with Flush Mount Sink

$ 389.00

This Shampoo Bowl Plumbing Parts Kit includes the following:

 Silica Gel Neck Rest with Suction


Hot & Cold Water Control Handle: This handle is for shampoo bowls to control the flow of water to the spray hose. It has a sleek and durable chrome over solid brass design and is an excellent choice for professionals.



Spray Hose: This is a durable professional spray hose with stopper for fast and convenient washing and rinsing. It is made to resist chemicals and soap for long-lasting use.



Vacuum Breaker: This is a backflow prevention device used to avoid backflow or negative pressure in a plumbing system, often required by municipal water codes. It allows air to enter the water system if a siphon attempts to form.



Easy Clean Hair Trap: This is a professional grade hair trap helps to protect against loss of jewelry, contact lenses, or other valuables that can be accidentally washed down the drain. This trap helps to prevent drain clogs by keeping loose hair and other things from flowing through the plumbing that would normally incur costly plumbing bills. Easy accessibility for cleaning.


Drain Assembly: This is a high quality stainless steel drain and strainer with a built-in handle prevents unwanted debris from going down your drain.



Water Line Reducers: ½ inch to 3/8th inch water line reducers included.

These components use U.S.A. standard hardware and are compliant with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and Canadian Standards Assoc. (CSA). All parts fit most standard shampoo bowls and plumbing.



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